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Liquidity pools for Relay Chain — Oct. 22nd. 2021

Liquidity pools for Relay Chain — Oct. 22nd. 2021 There are many liquidity pools for RELAY on different networks: Paired with RELAY, or paired with a wrapped version of tokens (marked by (*)) transferred by the Relay Chain bridge. Network: Avalanche Pair: AVAX — MOVR Emission: CNR APR: 106% TVL: 570 AVAX Where to add liquidity: https://app.canary.exchange/#/pool Where to stake: https://app.canary.exchange/#/earn Pair: … Continue reading “Liquidity pools for Relay Chain — Oct. 22nd. 2021”

Boltswap is live on Shiden! LPs with tokens bridged by the Relay Chain bridge!

In partnership with Boltswap, Relay Chain deployed the 1st ever bridge to the Shiden Network on Oct 9th 2021, you can read that announcement here. Boltswap has launched today, with liquidity pools pairing tokens transferred by the Relay Chain bridge, check what’s available in the Boltswap pools! USDT.e: 0x35188e3CB4e5eb81350f7b47E153354A12794FeC USDC.e: 0xb53973ad94eB16FbD138805AcE4173416F016e7E DAI.e: 0x7b7e696df8Ca22A8dC6c1dC14c4D5bC153a225D5 MOVR: 0x17fcCD90a1911c3C2e0cCb7922b233a0f15A46B1 MAI: … Continue reading “Boltswap is live on Shiden! LPs with tokens bridged by the Relay Chain bridge!”

RelayChain has Landed on Moonriver

As of Monday, September 27th, RelayChain has deployed to the Moonriver Network. The bridge is currently transferring assets between Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Shiden and Moonriver. In the first several weeks, the Relay team has already established multiple high value partnerships within Moonriver. Moonriver is a fully EVM compatible, layer 1 blockchain that lives as a … Continue reading “RelayChain has Landed on Moonriver”

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